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These thirteen three to four word rhyming stories all have humor as their base. With bright, captivating illustrations, BILLY & MILLY, SHORT & SILLY is a fun read for young children, the adults in their lives, new readers, and anyone of any age who enjoys word play.


Sara desperately wants a dog and thinks she has the perfect foolproof plan to get one.

"...a warm family story laced with quiet humor."
The Horn Book, 1992

Nominated for the Florida State Sunshine Award.


Mother deer tuck their fawns in for the night; sea otters wrap themselves up in a blanket of seaweed to avoid being carried away by the tides. This delicately illustrated and informative sleepy-time book gives children insight into what 16 different animals do at bedtime.

Seymour, The Formerly Fearful

One of Child Study Children's Book Committee Best Books of the Year
4P (Popularity level) This is one of the books everyone wants to read.
4Q (Quality level) Couldn't be better. "Booktalker
“Have you ever been really afraid of something ? So that your hands were sweating and you got this terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach. Well, that’s how it is for Seymour. This is one of those books everyone wants to read...couldn’t be better.” The Booktalker