seymour, the formerly fearful

One of Child Study Children's Book Committee Best Books of the Year
4P (Popularity level) This is one of the books everyone wants to read.
4Q (Quality level) “Have you ever been really afraid of something ? So that your hands were sweating and you got this terrible feeling in the pit of your stomach. Well, that’s how it is for Seymour. This is one of those books everyone wants to read...couldn’t be better.” The Booktalker

Selected Works

Picture book
A wonderfully playful introduction to language, rhyme and storytelling.
Humorous fiction
"Dashes of humor…an unpredictable plot, and a clever and determined heroine make this a welcome read."
Non-fiction picture book
How do animals go to sleep without pajamas, blankets and bedtime stories?
Humorous Fiction
A very funny take on recognizing and overcoming fear
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